Yeah, you Dave

Dave White and I were talking about our latest books and we decided we’re both lazy and need fun motivation to finish the first drafts of our second books. So cribbing from David J and Paul G I’m calling Dave out. The challange is this: a complete first draft of the second novel. The deadline is Edgar Week at the end of April. The prize: steak and drinks for the winner on the loser’s tab.

I’ll be hitting NYC for Edgar week this year because I’ll have some freshly minted vacation time for the first time in my professional life. I very much plan on dragging a complete manuscript on the trip with me, let’s see if Dave can match it.

Now, if both of us fail to complete our draft by the deadline, we’ll buy Sarah Weinman dinner. I don’t need the help, but you should all mock Dave mercilessly until he finishes it or finally cracks.

Jason Pinter is exempt from this because it’s his professional duty to pester Dave.

9 thoughts on “Yeah, you Dave

  1. How far along are you guys? I’ve had several false starts with my second novel (the first one is still making the rounds). Funny that you mention April. That’s my personal deadline as well.

  2. I think Mike should write a story about this contest instead. In keeping with his past titles, he could call it “Little Brains”.Or little somethings, anyway.

  3. I’m in, since I could use a good ass-kicking to get myself motivated. Completed, totally revised mss by Edgar Week. That should be doable. But you’re all still going to buy me dinner no matter what.

  4. “LITTLE BRAINS?” That’s pure genius! All this talk about challenges reminds me of the Sienfield “Master of my Domain” episode.I will accept—the writing challenge, not the other one. I have a feeling you guys will crush me under your heals. On the other hand, I do have a secret incentive that will be revealed at a later date.

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