Worst list, worst memory

Over in the comments on David Montgomery’s blog, Paul Guyot says he wishes someone in the blogosphere would have the guts to put up a worst of list. Well, I like to think I’m as mean-spirited as the next guy so I figured I was just the person to do it. But I couldn’t think of a single book I read that comes to mind as really bad. I know there were some that were meh, but nothing to make a list of. I have a hard enough time remembering the stuff I like, let alone the stuff I didn’t. I think this goes to the topic that JT Ellison talks about today over at Murderati about her awful memory, a trait I certainly share. But never wanting to be one to disappoint Paul, here’s what I imagine my worst list would look like if I’d seen or read some of the things I’d considered reading or seeing.

10. The Golden Compass – this just looked awful from the trailers

9. Now and Then by Robert B. Parker – I’d liked his last couple Spenser books which figures it’s about time for a stinker

8. The Bionic Woman on NBC looked just plain dumb

7. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – This started off good enough but turned to crap pretty quickly

6. Britney Spears appearence on the VMAs – All I saw was her outfit and that was anough for me

5. The OJ Simpson Book –

And this is already probably getting old so let’s skip to the last two.

2. PS I Love You – This movie was obviously written with Jennifer Garner in mind but somehow they ended up with a horribly miscast Hilary Swank instead. Good for her for trying to stretch herself but I don’t have to pay $9 to see it. So I didn’t, but the trailer was uncomfortable enough for me.

1. No Country for Old Men – This movie was all sorts of disappointing, probably compounded by the fact I went to see it at Midnight when I was already tired

What are your worst picks of the year?

2 thoughts on “Worst list, worst memory

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where, if I don’t like the book, I don’t finish it. If I don’t like the movie, I walk out, shut off the player, or change the channel.

    But the worst of 2007?

    Real simple: Celebrity news has hit rock bottom finding the most irrelevant stories about the most irrelevant people. Who cares about Paris Hilton? We already know Lindsay’s going to get a couple of DUI’s before her rehab takes. (I did not pay any attention to this story when it was about Drew Barrymore, and my apathy has only increased.) CNN seems to think this is important.

    So I think we can agree that 24-hour news has become the National Enquirer of the Internet age.

  2. Totally agree with the whole celebrity news overload, but on the other hand did you see Britney getting carted off to the funny farm? OK, so I’m one of those people who slows down to peak at car wrecks too.

    Bryan, I think if you see No Country again you’d probably appreciate it a lot more. I think that it’s one of those movies that could grow on you.

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