Working stiff

This job is killing me. I’m starting to see why the average employment of a call center worker is only about a year. Our calls have been back-to-back every hour, every day, for the last two months. It’s getting ridiculous and nobody has any idea why our call volume has spiked so bad and won’t go away. Saturdays have always been like this and they were always the most horrible day of the week. Now every day is like that.

I complain to Becky about it all the time, and I’m trying to find something else within the company that isn’t on the phone side, but the internal interviewing and hiring process is even slower than our response time now. I could probably go out and find something else with a better schedule and less stress, but I’m making pretty good money and it’s hard to turn my back on 21 vacation days. So I just try and make it through each day one at a time.

The other thing that sucks about this is that I don’t have two days off in a row to recover. I have Fridays off, then I work Saturday, then I have Sundays off. It’s better than my last schedule that had me with Wednesdays and Sundays off, but it still bites. I’m hoping in the next shift bid I can get Saturday and Sunday off…if I’m still in the call center, God forbid.

Despite the crappy stress, I’ve been making some decent progress on the outline for LUCKY TOWN at work. It’s still a bit over complicated and some of the motives don’t make total sense, but overall I think this has the best structure of all of my attempts so far. I’ve had to really concentrate on the basic mystery elements like suspects and motives and clues which is waaaaaay harder than others make it look. I think I’ve got good characters and some nice themes, but none of that makes any difference if there’s not a decent story to hang them on.

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