With an S like the poet

I’ll have pictures up later, but Becky and I found out the sex of the baby yesterday. It has 11 fingers, if you know what I mean. That either means we’re having a boy or one of those babies that will be on DATELINE ten years from now.

But now the real adventure begins. I want to name the baby Spenser. I always have, even when I didn’t really think about having kids. But Becky isn’t really sold on it. She thinks it’s better than Holden, which was my other choice, but that’s like saying gassing is a better way to die than firing squad. So how do I get her to go for it?

Help here.

16 thoughts on “With an S like the poet

  1. If you don’t read Robert Parker, it probably seems like an odd choice. Make her read the first five Spenser novels. Unless it’s the poet you admire.

  2. I know two Spenser’s under the age of six (both spelled with the C), and they are both cool kids.

    Cool parents = cool kids.

    Spenser. Cool.

    Holden. Not cool.

  3. I always think of The Faerie Queen when I think of Spenser, but unless you’re an English major you wouldn’t make that connection so you’re probably safe with Spenser.

    Holden’s a little too pretentious. In my opinion.

    I have a good friend who is a HUGE Springsteen fan. When his first son was born, he wanted to name him Bruce. His wife knocked it down. They named the child Miles.

    When they were expecting their second son, John again tried for Bruce. Sue again knocked it down. The kid’s name is Peter.

    The moral of the story? Becky might just win this round. And she’s the one going through labor 🙂

  4. How about some names that you guys like instead of choosing which one of the horrid names you like better. I would highly appreciate any suggestions that are not Holden or Spenser.

  5. I would have chosen Peter except for our last name. Right now I love the name Jack. It’s a strong name and simple. Also like Joe for the same reasons. But really, Becky, it’s what you like after those 36 hours of labor. Only kidding. I had my son 45 minutes after I got to the hospital.

  6. Holden is horrible and Spenser is only slightly better.

    Your child will be appreciative later in life if his name:

    1) Isn’t stupid.

    2) Isn’t really weird.

    3) Isn’t trendy. (Trendy this year = stupid in 10 years.)

    4) Isn’t always misspelled. (A guy named Bryon should sympathize with that.)

    5) Isn’t also a girl’s name.

    6) Is simple. He’s already going to be saddled with a doozy of a last name. Give the kid a break on the first name.

    Pick something that’s nice, normal, traditional, but not among the most popular. Travis, Benjamin, William, Robert, Thomas, Jack, Jason, etc..

    If you name your kid Xander or Chase he’ll grow up to hate you.

  7. How about Barrett – Barry for short – or Brett? If you want to break up the B theme, how about Alex? Allan Quertermous (and the Lost City of Gold)?

    Congrats and good luck.

  8. Cole Quertermous (for Elvis)

    Joseph Quertermous (for Pike)

    Steven Vaughn Quertermous

    Matthew Quertermous
    Mark Quertermous
    Lucas Quertermous
    John Quertermous

  9. You could offer another name as a comparison so awful that anything else looks like you’re being rational.

    I wish I could say that was what my husband was doing when he (repeatedly) asks to name a kid Wedge (as in Wedge Antilles from Star Wars.) Wedge Dickson…

    Although, you may have done that with Holden. Sorry, but no kid should have to go through school with the name Holden. (Think of all the jokes about holding that would go along with it…)

  10. I’m with Patti cause I was thinking “Spenser for Hire.”

    Damian Quertermous has a nice ring…. 🙂

    I’ll second Guyot’s suggestion of Joseph.

    I’m with Becky. I’m not wild about Spenser or Holden.

  11. How about the name Tom after your cousin who was your age and also had a September birthday? Or, how about John, for your Uncle who inspired you to write? With a last name like Quertermous the first name should be rather plain.

  12. I always thought “Gregory” was a lovely name …

    Congratulations on the exciting news.

  13. My god, man, do you know nothing about heterosexuality? You start by saying you want to name the kid Mowgli X. Linoleum Howitzer, and then you settle for Spenser.

    Jeez, must we spell everything out?

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