Why I Think Man of Steel is the Most Realistic Portrayal of Superman So Far

I went to see Man of Steel Saturday night with Spenser and my father-in-law. We went to the 7:30 show and even though I knew it was late for Spenser he really wanted to see it so I took him. All he really wanted to see was Superman as a baby and to see him fly. Once he saw that, he fell asleep. I watched all of it and enjoyed it.

Now let’s get this caveat out of the way. I love movies and I’m VERY easy to entertain. All I ask is that I not be bored. And I don’t bore easily. Chuck Wendig and Michael Underwood have great reviews of the movie where they lay out some very real problems with the movies, but I did not have the same problems. I like Michael’s review because he addresses most of his issues around the choices the filmmakers made. I, on the other hand, liked the choices the filmmakers made. I liked that it was more of an alien invasion movie than a superhero movie. I liked all of the origin stuff because I never dug that deep into it previously. I liked that Clark was all good yet, that he was still learning how to handle being  so powerful.

I was never a big Superman fan, so I don’t have the same attachment to his ideal portrayal that others do. I liked his portrayal here, especially the action scenes at the end that were the focus of much of the critics derision. These battle scenes, though loud, and huge, and destructive, are exactly what I think would happen if two indestructible aliens went at it. Chuck’s review, I think, calls them consequence-less battles, and he may be right. I think the best test of the success of Man of Steel will be how the sequel handles the destruction leveled during the fighting. If they just gloss over it and go on with the next villain then I think MOS will have been a failure. But if the sequel addresses the fallout of that destruction and Superman’s role in it, then I will be very happy.

I also really liked Lois Lane in this movie, though I agree with other reviewers that she seemed shoe-horned in to the last half. So all-in-all, sure there were flaws and plot holes, and Superman is still one of my least favorite heroes because he is so all powerful, but this movie took some chances and was more exciting that Superman Returns. Which I also liked, but didn’t LOVE.

I don’t suspect this will be the first big movie this summer that I love and most everyone else hates. I expect to love World War Z, The Lone Langer, and White House Down as well.  I think everyone will love The Wolverine.