Whether the weather can be wethered

I’ve just about had enough of this crappy, schitzo weather here in Michigan. It’s almost the end of October and we can’t shake this freaking humidity. I want frost and cold and maybe even some snow. I was at the mall the other day on my lunch break and for the first time in a while wished they would start decorating for Christmas sooner. Maybe it will make me feel colder. I don’t know if I’m quite ready for the one station to start their all Christmas music all the time campaign quite yet (if ever, but I wouldn’t mind a Santa Clause or reindeer in the mall instead of the Halloween decorations. The worst part of this weather is the toll it’s taking on my very out of shape body. I’ve got a sinus, pressure, cold thing I haven’t been able to kick and it’s making dealing with stupid customers at work a lot harder. I don’t exactly have an unlimited store of patience to begin with, but this only makes it worse. Yuck.

2 thoughts on “Whether the weather can be wethered

  1. Same in Chicago, where we’re enduring the same, complete with the sinus nightmare. We’re totally ready (wishing, even) for biting wind, horizontal rain, and dark days! Your fun with work inspires the kind of stories I like to write, if you know what I mean…

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