Wheezy McFatso

It’s been a long time since I was winded on a flight of stairs, but just as I was going to lunch today it happened. And we’re not even talking a mild winding, but a full-blown legs hurting, chest exploding wheezing. And this was only after four flights. So something has to change. It also doesn’t help that now wearing a tie to work everyday has made it quite obvious my gut is getting too poochy. I had the best opportunity to exercise regularly at my last job since I didn’t start until later in the day. But I blew that and now I have to do it when I’m done at work which sucks because I’m still having trouble finding time to write after work and that’s more important. For now at least.

At least my eating is getting better. I’m not eating dinner at 10pm like I was before and I’m having many more homemade meals and not eating fast food as much. That’s particularly true of lunch.

P.S. The wedding is now less than 90 days away and the nightmares have already started. Last night I had a dream that I showed up at the church for an early rehearsal and the wedding had been rescheduled without my knowledge. So most of my guys weren’t there and I ended up getting married in a sweatshirt. Yes, that’s what passes for a wedding nightmare with me.

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  1. Cry me a river. My day? I get up at 5:15am and have my first free time after 8:30pm… at the earliest. Yeah, finding time to write has been a problem.

    Just wait ’til you have kids! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Brother, I have been where you are.

    Just last spring I was a 4 bedroom/3 bath house. I got winded typing. I went to my doctor in May (just for an annual physical) and he said if I didn’t lose weight, and start eating better, I was going to be a poster boy for diabetes.

    So, I hired a trainer in late May and by the end of August I had dropped sixteen pounds, but more importantly than the actual weight numbers, my doctor numbers were down, and the best part – I had gone from an XL to a Large in everything, and dropped three notches in my belt.

    I stopped the trainer in August, and realized that as long as I DON’T EAT ANYTHING AFTER 8PM, and cut back (not eliminate, but seriously cut back) on pasta and fried food, I can maintain my new less-pear shape.

    But here’s the best thing… it has helped my writing a ton. This has been the single most productive year for me and it’s all because of starting my days with exercise (even if it’s only twenty minutes on a treadmill), and not eating like a glob. My focus is better and longer, my energy level is WAY up, and my creative side is constantly in high gear.

    And the wedding, man… start today! Those wedding pictures are around forever! You have to start now! Not tomorrow or next week. Start now. You’ll drop some weght right away, then taper off for a couple of weeks. You’ll get depressed, thinking it ain’t working, but if you push through it, about five or six weeks in, the fat will melt away faster than a ice cube in hell.
    Do it. For Cynthia. Do it. For the old days. Do it. For your f@% business. Just do it.

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