What’s in the Can and What’s in the Oven

I was going to do this post with a Google Docs coda as well, but I’ve found my really long posts don’t go over very well if I have too many of them so I’ll break it off into it’s own post. For now let’s talk about what I’ve been writing and what I plan on writing.

You all know about my failed attempt to at a secret project (which was really just a pathetic attempt once again to try to revive my dormant PI novel in time for the SMP/PWA contest) but i haven’t talked much about anything else I’ve got cooking.

Back at the beginning of the month I entered the Esquire Short Short fiction contest with a story of exactly 79 words that is my own post-modern take on the alleged Ernest Hemingway baby shoes six word story. In general I detest flash fiction and micro fiction, but in this case I had what I thought was a neat spin and I liked the challenge of getting it to exactly 79 words. But that piece I view more as poetry than prose.

And just last week I sent off my entry in the Write a Dead Man novel contest. I’ve enjoyed reading these books and found myself wondering a number of times how to approach getting the gig to write one myself and then bam! this contest came along. I had a riot reading through the earlier books in the series and coming up with a new twist on the story and history of Matt Cahill and his quest. I really like that if I do win the gig to write the book I’ve already got a nice little synopsis to guide me in writing the thing which can’t be said for most else of what I write.

Which brings us to the pipeline. At the beginning of the year I was on quite a streak with the Murder Boy novel. Channeling the great pulp spirits I took the 24k worth of the novel I had been sitting on for most of a year and ran it up to 60k in a month. Then I doddled with it more another couple of months before abandoning it for the PI book and then the Dead Man book. Now I want to get back into that pulp spirit and knock out the remaining 12-15k words in 12-15 days. I don’t see any reason why I can’t do it. And I think Google Docs will be a good help in this quest. We’ll see though. Yes sir we’ll see.

What’s in your oven these days?

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  1. I’m working on a cosy and obsessing over word count. It’s going to be short, but I’m hoping and praying I can get it to 60k without having to revamp the plot. Naturally all this apprehension is not helping me get words on the page.

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