Variations on a theme

I should have posted on Thursday. That way you would have had one happy post between these two downers. Thursday was a good day. My funky fog officially ended Wednesday but I woke up Thursday just feeling great. I had some extra money in my pocket because one of the two dollar bills in my wallet was actually a ten spot. I had no obligations and the entire day to do as I pleased. I lounged around Borders for much of the afternoon, then took a nap before heading out at 7pm to see author Elizabeth Kostova read from her new book “The Historian.”

After that I met up with a friend from high school I haven’t seen in a while to watch the Pistons play in Game 7 of the NBA playoffs. Friday wasn’t too bad either during the day but later at night I had dinner at my soon-to-be-departed friend’s new apartment with some other people and dinner was great but as the night wore on the fog rolled back in as I realized I’m probably not as important in her life as she is in mine. Of course I’m prone to enormous feats of paranoia so take that as you will. It also doesn’t help that today when I went in to get my oil changed for $9.95 with a coupon I found out I’m going to have to drop fifty bucks to have my muffler fixed. Sigh…

Today I’m probably going to start work on a new short story to continue my Summer of the Short Story. The idea I originally planned to work on after the blog short story still isn’t ripe enough to work with but I have a different one I think might be fun. Ummmm, anything else? I don’t think so. I’m watching the first season of The Wire on DVD and thinking to myself that with Homicide and The Wire David Simon has helped create two of the best cop shows in history yet neither has achieved the popularity of NYPD Blue or any number of far less worthy shows. Interesting.

9 thoughts on “Variations on a theme

  1. i don’t have time to read this post. what I do have time to do is tell you HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII really loudly, since you’re only an hour away from me, maybe you can hear me? Bryon can you hear me………-Monkey

  2. Homicide (at least the first 50-60 episodes) was brilliant. THE WIRE is good, but I don’t think it compares to Homicide. NBC never got behind HOMICIDE like they should have. It was always “Well, we’ll try this…” They should have pounded it down the audience’s throat as ABC did with NYPDB. NBC also gave HOMICIDE a horrible time slot. The time slot has as much to do with whether a show succeeds or not as anything else. And probably more. Seinfeld would have never been what it is was if they had stuck it on Saturday nights at 8. My So-Called Life or Cupid would maybe still be on the air had they not been given death time slots. Walker, Texas Ranger would have never lasted past the second season had it been on Tuesday or Thursday nights. And so on and so on…

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