Up high…down low, Bryon’s got to go

I don’t do resoloutions and I don’t do year-in-review posts. That said:

2004, we hardly new ‘ye…

The Good

-Got a website, got a blog, got readers

-Met a bunch of cool people, real and electronic

-Hit my first Bouchercon

-Moved out of my parents’ house…twice

-Got fired from my first real job

-Finally finished my first novel the way I wanted to

The Bad

-Lost two grandparents, my dad’s mom and my mom’s dad, in the space of a few days

-Got fired from my first real job

-Mom started reading blog

-Lost Sara Ann Freed contest

The Ugli

And goal-wise, this is the year of the book deal. I’ve written the book and done the dance and made the contacts and it’s time. You hear me New York?!