Under Pressure

Becky and I made our first official appearence as an engaged couple Friday night. We hit the Courtyard by Marriott in Livonia…get your mind out of the gutters, it wasn’t for THAT. It was one of those high pressure sales meetinghs you have to sit through in order to win a free fabulous three day two night vacation to the motel of your choice. But I was rather disappointed in how UnHighPressure it was.

I was all excited to do research into this field for a possible short story down the road. The guy we got though was like the anti-salesman. He was very low-key, and charming, and made us feel like we had an actual choice in the matter( which we used to NOT purchase three friggin’ grand worth of pots and pans) and played up like he was doing us a favor and going against the spiel his company told him to use. Afterward, I told Becky that I bet he took so many people by surprise with his tactic that he did pretty well sales-wise. Of course maybe he really was a weaselly shill but was going lowkey because we were the last meeting of the night on a Friday.

Of course we didn’t buy any of the cookware and we were the first ones out the door with our vacation voucher in hand. There are some cool options on here, but I think we’re going to bypass the international resort options and hit one of the local ones. We can either use it on our honeymoon for Orlando or, more likely, we’ll take a long weekend and go to Atlantic City so I can get the Dave White God’s Dice tour of the city. Sure the place is known mostly for casinos, but there is also the great boardwalk and beaches and shopping and other cool stuff and I’ve always wanted to visit one of those eastcoast seaside resort towns. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Have any of you ever fallen for a high pressure sales pitch?

4 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Cape May is actually nicer than Atlantic City. It’s not too far, either.I’ve never done one of those sit-through-ninety-minutes-for-a-free-weekend deals. I guess I’d rather try to find a good deal at a place and not subject myself to the Big Sell. Nice to know, though, that it doesn’t have to be that painful. Still probably wouldn’t do it.Are you going to Disney for your honeymoon?

  2. As a child my summers were spent on the eastern coast of New Jersey. North of Atlantic City. And where I was was a very different sort of place. It was a small seaside town. Wide beach, nothing much to do except swim and build sand castles…and to read.I’ve been through there in the last 10 years and it’s a nightmare. Crowds, etc.I’ve also been to Atlantic City now. And if you don’t gamble I can’t imagine why you’d want to go. I loved it, but I gamble.

  3. awww, I love Cape May. I agree that’d be a great place to go. but whatev.and Dave & I went to that same schpeal meeting. the pots and pans, too. and the anti-salesman. i’d be wary of using the voucher. we didn’t use it, i was too scared to waste our honeymoon on something fishy! Be careful! check it and then double/triple check it.

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