Triple A day in A2

Today after church I discussed religion and politics with one of the rising stars in the academic mathematics field and then for dinner I had Indian food with a poet. I love being back in Ann Arbor.

Seriously. The house is great, all my books got here safely (how did I manage to get 3 friggin copies of Winter’s End???) and this lightning fast cable internet connection eat my dialup connection like a shark mowing down on a grilled surfer.

I Heart A2

3 thoughts on “Triple A day in A2

  1. I’m curious as to why you felt the need to change your post about your struggle post-relationship?I mean, it’s your blog and all, and I’ve deleted whole posts over at the Planet, so I’m not being critical, just curious.

  2. (replying late after realising, finally, that every Blogspot RSS feed was borked and nothing was coming through)3 copies of WE? You should consider yourself lucky to own three copies of one of the finest works of literature ever to grace the English language! Simply tell all your friends and neighbours and see the awe and reverence on their faces as they tell you what good fortune you must have, and how blessed you are.

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