Thoughts On A Week Of Full Time Freelancing

So I’ve got week as a full-time freelancer under my belt but I think it’s too soon for any meaningful reflections. Last week was a rough week with the kids home and Becky home for part of it. It actually felt more like a vacation week than a work-at-home week. I think next week will be like that as well. That’s not to say I didn’t get any work done, because I did. Not as much as I would have liked, but far more than I would have been able to do with a day job hanging over me. I think after a month of doing this I’ll be able to better gauge my reaction to the lifestyle, but who knows. Maybe it will always feel like vacation to me.

As far as the money goes, looking at my month end payments makes it quite obvious this was the right decision. I made as much from freelance work as I was bringing home from the day job. Sure I have to pay all of my own taxes on that money, but I also didn’t have to write an outrageous check for day care this month either. Also, I now have more time to pick up more work so I can increase that income to the magical Scalzi Freelance Income Formula of salary + 30%.

So after a week, I’d say I feel mostly disoriented and frustrated but also incredibly blessed and excited about the future. Being a freelancer makes me so much more aware of the smaller things in life and makes me love the people around me even more. It’s made me more aware of my income and my spending and it’s made me more aware of how amazing families with two working parents are that they can be involved with their kids with more rigid schedules than I have. I am determined to make the most of this great situation I’ve been given and that includes more than just the writing and editing part. Also, I know I keep saying this, but I really need to get back to writing more fiction.