The Lions’ Meow – Final Update

I’m sitting here watching the Lions fall apart in the second half right now, wondering why I’m subjecting myself to the misery. Becky already gave up after the Lions botched a run and fumbled the ball. The horrid officiating against the Lions continued with a stupid fumble call that lost a challenge even though all the guys on TV say it was not. But hey, I’ve had several troubles and frustrations since I’ve had this blog that I’ve worked through right here, so why not add my renewed interest in the Lions to that list. I still haven’t given up on this game, but it’s certainly ugly. I’ll keep you updated on my mood through the rest of the game.

Update (6:26pm)- Maybe I’ll turn this into a live blog of the game. After venting my frustrations here, the Lions came back and made some good plays and got down the field. And then they made some of the more famous Lions penalties and it looked like they might botch it again. But they stayed sane and got the touchdown. 17-24. During the commercial there was a commercial for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I cannot WAIT to see this movie. Now back to the game.

Update (6:29pm)- I loved watching Steve Breston when he played for Michigan and made all of these great plays on punt and kick returns, but man, when he’s on the other side I can’t stand him. Come on defense, lets see some of those great turnovers.

Update (6:33pm)- And right after I say that, the defense answers with a fumble. Awwwwright! Maybe if I say other stuff it will come true. If it does, I promise to only use my power for good, not for evil. And by good, I mean my own self-improvement.

(6:38pm) Now Arizona gets a fumble recovery. Maybe part of my power is that everything I say will happen to the Lions will happen to Arizone as well. I’ll have to think about the most strategic way to use this power.

(6:40pm) Becky is back for the time being. Apparently frustration with the Lions is not the best mindset to be in while studying for fitness certification. I’m glad she’s back, this is no fun to watch alone.

(6:53pm) Touchdown Arizona, interception of Jon Kitna, now a fumble recovery for the Lions. Lots of changes back and forth in the game, trying not to put my emotions into any one thing until Detroit scores a touchdown again.

(7:07pm) Becky, “Why are we watching this?”

This sucks.

(7:17pm) No comment on the game play, but this seems like a good a place as any to mention how awful I think these new Burger King commercials are. A bunch of housewives trying to kill a fast food mascot because he made a sandwich they think undermines their motherly role? It may sound weird coming from a guy who writes so much about hitmen and killers and such, but that just seems tasteless to me.

(7:22pm) Touchdown Detroit, but it’s probably too late and there’s a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff for something stupid. Man, if they would have kept Arizona from that last score they’d only be down by 3.

(7:25) Game over. The rest of the schedule is not kind to the Lions. I’m glad I’m an optimist and I’m glad I haven’t been a Lions fan long enough for that optimism to be eroded. Poor Becky, she’s probably regretting her season tickets right about now. How do fans with consistently bad teams to root for do it? Maybe it’s just because I’ve never been one who was able to separate his emotions and take things in stride. I’m too susceptible to huge highs and massive lows. Oh well, deep breath, there’s always next week. No I need to take this computer into the office and get some writing done. Maybe I can make something happen there that I couldn’t do with this live blog.

**Final Update**

After the miserable game I watched on TV today, I threw myself into my writing and was able to get out 1800 words and also crack the 200 page mark. I’m now well past the halfway point in word count and page count so its a downhill race now to the finish.