The Language Barrier

I got in trouble over the weekend for swearing on Facebook. It wasn’t from the fine folks at Facebook, they’re pretty cool about that stuff, and this isn’t another one of those horrid discussions about why swearing is vilified in crime fiction while horrible violence is not, rather it was from my mom and sister. This got me thinking about how conflicted I am over my online presence.

For a long time there, I was the only person in real life I knew who was online with any sort of regular presence. The only people I knew who blogged were other people I had met online. And then it all started to unravel when my mom started reading my blog. Other than cutting out most of the swearing though, I don’t think the content of my blog changed all that much. After I came back from my two month hiatus, my mom didn’t know my blog was back but I kept the content pretty much the same.

What this really reminds me of is that episode of Seinfeld where George feels like his two worlds are colliding and it makes him very uncomfortable. I’ve always been a very compartmentalized person and kind of like it that way. I have church friends, online friends, writing friends, family, real life friends, etc. It’s not that I’m a totally different person in each group, but they all tackle different sides of my personality and I don’t like all of that mixing. I don’t have the brain capacity to handle it.

There’s also the very toddler-like fact that I don’t like these new technology up and comers to be playing in the sandbox that I was in way before they were, I’m one of those people that will stop doing something or stop going somewhere if it becomes too trendy. But I don’t think that’s going to happen with Facebook or blogging so I have to figure out how to cope with it all. There are certainly good things to come from it. And as my writing career progresses it was bound to happen for all of this to start blending together, but it’s still a bit weird. I also realize that there were many people who were using both of these things loooooooooong before I came along so I should probably shut up.

But what I really want to know is how you all feel. Do you find your real life intruding on your online life or vice versa?

5 thoughts on “The Language Barrier

  1. absolutely!!! sometimes this is a very good thing, saves me time & trouble & repeating myself; other times this is something that drives me insane and makes me want to hide in a cave for all eternity. It really depends on the day.

    I sometimes feel that I compartmentalize the way you do BQ…I like having separate friends that satisfy a different part of me and my personality. I do wonder if that is preferable or if I should instead widdle my friends down to those who know the whole entire me. which would be like 3 people. and that might be ok. 🙂

  2. Do what you feel comfortable with, not what others feel comfortable with you doing.

    I can think of a couple of people who still haven’t figured that one out yet.

  3. If Bryon really did what he felt comfortable with, he’d have opened a “Smell My Belly Button Lint” store.

  4. Thusfar I’ve found subtle compartmentalization works for me. It wouldn’t take a genius to connect the dots between my blog, a couple LJ accounts, my Ravelry account, etc.; I just avoid cross-linking. I mostly think of it as a branding issue and, secondarily, a way to avoid some of the pitfalls of Geek Social Fallacy #4.

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