The end, no really

Almost exactly a year to the date I started, I finally completed the last draft on The Scars We Carry. That’s three drafts in roughly a year, which is a huge step up from the seven drafts in five years that made up the Lunchbox Hero process. And this book is just much better I hink and that gives me great hope. That means if this book doesn’t sell and I write another one it will hopefully be better than this one.

The last bit of revisions today was actually pretty cool. I liked what I had and saw the spark I though the last bit was missing. And ontop of all of that, I don’t hate my ending. In fact, I rather like my ending. It might need a bit more clarification and maybe some more setup, but I like the idea and most of the execution. And I’m very happy with the length. I was able to keep it over 70k and 300 pages which feels much more substantial than Lunchbox Hero’s 253 pages and 57k words.

Now its out of my hands. I’m sending it off to a couple close friends to have at it while I write one more short story and then start the next book in the series. Ideally, I’d like to have the second one written before the first one sells.

Man, it just feels great to be done with this stupid book…