The Better Half

I feel bad for my new fiance, Becky. If you do a Google search on me you get over 1000 hits and most of them are blog posts or stories of mine. If you do a Google search on her you get over 20,000 hits but they’re all about a jazz singer in Oregon. So today I’m putting out a link to the BEST Becky of them all. Her given name is Rebecca Kilgore but she is known to most as Becky Kilgore from Canton, Michigan (though she currently lives in Taylor, a downriver suburb of Detroit).

She has been a kickboxer and her first true love is former Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. The best thing about her love for Joey though is that she has season tickets to the Lions of which I get to partake of a few times during the season.

Of course, along with the pleasure of having an online presence, Ms. Becky has to fess up to the fact that we met online. She wants to tell people we met through a mutual friend (Dr. Phil at but I don’t buy it. Long gone are the days of the internet being only for perverts, weirdos, and John Rickards. It’s hip, it’s trendy, it’s now. So un-very-much like me.

I love you baby, please don’t hate me!

Now, just one blog post isn’t going to be enough to make a dent in the jazz hits, so as an online engagement gift from all of my friends in the blogosphere, I ask you to mention the BEST Becky in the next few days on your own blogs. Thanks!

Here’s some pics so you have a visual to go with my tidbits.