The 30 Day New Content Challenge

So I’m sick of Facebook. I’m sick of looking at it and I’m sick of wasting my time there. I also miss what it’s taken away from me, which is the social activity that used to exist over here. So in an effort to return this blog to what it once was I’m pursuing a two pronged approach. First, I’ll be using pictures of my kids as leverage to direct friends and family from Facebook over here. Second, I’ll put putting up a ton of new content. For the next 30 days I’ll be posting new content here every day. The bulk of it will be the sort of random blathering rumination you would expect of me on topics ranging from free range parenting to why you’ll see me write Christian fiction. But mixed in will be some new fiction, some old fiction, some interviews, the aforementioned kid pictures, and some other special secret stuff. There will also be a strong reader request chunk to this madness. If you have any topic you’d like me to write on or any question you’d like me to answer (really, I swear, ANYTHING) mention it in the comments and I’ll do it. Guaranteed.

So what am I asking in exchange for this treasure trove of content and access to my inner-most psyche? Well, a few things. First: comments. This is what I’ve missed most here is that social aspect of comments. I love it when people comment on my Facebook status updates, but I would really appreciate it if people commented more here. Second, tell other people about this blog. There’s a whole swatch of readers who have no idea who I am. Why should they be so lucky while you have to deal with this knowledge daily? Make them suffer like you have to suffer.

Let’s see how this works out.

UPDATE (6:08pm) – Bribing Facebookers with pictures of the kids seems to be working because nearly half of today’s traffic clicked through specifically to those pictures. Mwahahahahahaha.

4 thoughts on “The 30 Day New Content Challenge

  1. A blog is like having someone visit me at home. Facebook is like running into them on the street. Twitter is like having someone shout to you from a moving car.

  2. Hey Patti, I agree with the home analogy for the blog and that’s what I’m trying to foster. I like the connections I’ve made in FB but as a daily place to interact it’s gotten on my last nerve. I love Twitter though. For some reason that hasn’t begun to bother me yet. So do you have a question or topic you’d like me to write about?

  3. Ok boo. There, I said it. I like facebook because it’s like all of my friends live in the same apartment building. Now you’re telling me that you’ve moving out of said apartment to pursue some prestigious internship where you’ll be too busy attending foriegn affairs dinners, instead of playing beer pong in the rec room. You. Suck.

  4. Shannon, I appreciate you popping by here to voice your displeasure. You’ve got to be happy to have multiple internet streams to voice your displeasure in my activities. You can rest easy knowing I will still maintain a modest FB presence, but it will mostly be to direct people back here for pictures and Deep Thoughts TM.

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