I fell out of the habit of going to church for a while as Becky and I tried to tes some other places (and general laziness on Sunday mornings as well, to be honest) but now that we’ve been attending her parent’s church (where our wedding is going to be) regularly for a few months, my brain is starting to perculate with topics inspired by the Sunday messages.

I know there are several broad religious views represented in this blog’s readership including fellow protestants, those who aren’t prone to believe in any god, and those who follow the church of the Jedi, but I’ve never been harrassed for expressing my religious views here and I appreciate that. One quote stuck out at me from this Sunday’s message “There is opportunity in the attention of the world.”

I don’t think I’ve been shy about telling people what I believe, but I’ve also tried not to be one of those big-time Bible thumpers who try to knock people over the head with my beliefs. Some Christians would take that quote above and think they needed to preach to everyone they came into contact with. I don’t believe that way. In an artistic context, some might think that means they have write Christian fiction, or sing Christian music, or paint Christian paintings. I also don’t believe that way. While I enjoy exploring the themes of good and evil and redemption in my fiction (like in my THUGLIT story ALTER ROAD), I have never wanted to preach or “have a message” in any of my work. But I am exposed to more people through the blog and through my writing than I would be otherwise, and I do make sure I talk about it when it’s important, because it is a part of me, and when i get to a level of financial success in this business, I would like to use some of my wealth to support churches and causes I believe in.

Here’s my question to you guys: When it comes to your beliefs and causes (not just religious, but social as well) where do you stand on using your platform as an author to further those causes?