Ten (k) Four (ward)…or something

Ten days after the first challenge was issued, Dave and I have both crossed the 10k benchmark, but that doesn’t tell the real story so far. When I first called Dave out, he had a signifigant head start. I had about 2k and some change, Dave had roughly 8k. Last night I caught up to him at the 9k mark. Today, Dave was the first to reach the 10k mark but by the time I was done smoking the keyboard on work during a very boring shift, I flew by him racking up a grand total of 11,035 words. I believe at last check he had around 10,500. So while poor Dave has dropped behind me, the competition has certainly fueled near record productivity for myself and similiar results, I’m sure, from Mr. White. Unless he’s full of shite and is lying. I wouldn;t discount the suggestion…

6 thoughts on “Ten (k) Four (ward)…or something

  1. Jim, you never cease to amaze me. And I think it takes a very brave man to anticipate winning when his boy is in last place.Excellent progress, Bryon. Keep up the good work.

  2. “”THE END” I win.”Fine. You owe me, Lynn, Sarah, and Dave copies of the manuscript.Did I mention you’re less than five hours from my place?And I have a really bad temper?Nothing pertaining to your work. Just thought I’d throw that out there. 8D

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