Take this job and mildy push it

I’ve been coming into work the last few weeks and absolutely hating it. This is not good for many reason, but mostly because I don’t want o be one of those bitter old guys who hates there job so much so today I need to remind myself why this job is pretty good and not
nearly as bad as most of the other jobs I’ve had in my storied professional life.

First and foremost, this is not fast food or manual labor and that alone makes it one of the better jobs ever. Really the only things I truly don’t like about this job are the hours (12:30-9:30pm with Friday and Sunday off) and that it’s been non-stop crazy busy for
almost the entire year with no signs of slowing down. I’m also not a big fan of the selling stats they force us to maintain or the other general office crap that goes on, but those aren’t day-to-day things like the hours and days off are.

So right there I think I’m talked myself into not being miserable for most of the day. One of the other things about this job that I like best is that I can get quite a bit of writing done if I want to. I haven’t been all that productive lately, averaging about 500 words
every few days, but that’s mostly been due to laziness and frustration with the writing itself, nothing to do with my actual job.

I get to wear jeans and t-shirts to work which is pretty cool, though sometimes I wish I was actually in a traditional office environment where I got to dress up a little more, but really, quibble quibble.

So tell me about yourself. I know most of you don’t have dream jobs and most of you don’t have horrible jobs, so how do you make it through day after day with a job that’s just, meh?