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Nov 23

Saturday Photo: Artsy First Snow Pic

If there’s anything cooler than watching little kids get excited about the first snow, I haven’t seen it. I took a few minutes out of my day of editing and cleaning to watch them and snap this picture. It was all beautiful until ten minutes later when they were cold and came in and got …

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Sep 04

Ah, Sweet Routine

Today was Spenser’s first full day at school so he got to ride the bus and take a lunch, both of which he loved. We had another good night last night with a regular bedtime and stories and baths. So once we punted him off to school, I got to work at my desk and …

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Aug 23


Today is my last day at the day job and it doesn’t feel as monumental as I expected. I think part of that is I’ve been transitioning out of this job for over a month now so I’m ready to go. But I also think the fact that I’m so busy with editing and writing …

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Aug 12

The Coping With Sanity Interview: Anthony Neil Smith

Neil Smith rejected the very first story I ever submitted to an online journal. Luckily (for me at least, I’m sure he might beg to differ) that wasn’t enough to turn me off completely and he’s gone on to publish two of my pieces over at Plots With Guns. In the years since that first …

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Aug 10

Saturday Photo: Stuff I Received In The Mail Edition

I love getting mail and in this day and age the opportunities for that are more limited. But today I got TWO things in the mail just for me. First are some business cards I ordered from Moo. ¬†Now that I need to hunt down freelance business I figured it was time to invest in …

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Aug 09

More Adventures in Pediatric Dentistry

I took Spenser to the dentist this morning for a sedation dentistry procedure and this is the final result. He survived his tooth extraction, but the dental office left quite a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve hated this dentist since we first visited them, but Spenser keeps having pain in this one tooth so …

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Aug 07

Online Zines, Best American Mystery Stories, and the Future of Short Crime Fiction

I’ve discussed here on a number of occasions my concern with the increasingly isolated short crime fiction community and the false claims of a short story renaissance. A few Facebook posts recently reminded me of one particularly ¬†depressing moment from last year that I think needs further discussion. When I was in Milwaukee for Murder …

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Aug 07

A Reminder About My Coming Drastic Life Change

Yesterday was my first day back to work from vacation since I announced that I will be shucking the day job coil for life as a full-time freelancer. We were supposed to go on a family trip with my aunts and uncles and cousins to Branson, MO, but the timing sucked as I had a …

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Aug 04

Lovely Dog To Good Home

UPDATE (8/7/13): I think we’re going to see if we can make some changes to our lifestyle and habits to keep the dog around. Even Becky, who has never really cared much for animals, thinks the transition to a new home might be hard for Stewie because he’s so attached to me. I think with …

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Aug 01

More Pics Of My Kids But At The Beach This Time? Oh, Okay.

I’m getting kind of addicted to the filters and cropping function over at Flickr. It makes even a hack like me seem like a decent photog. So anyhoo, we went to the beach today and I took some pictures. It was fun. Enjoy.

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