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Today is my last day at the day job and it doesn’t feel as monumental as I expected. I think part of that is I’ve been transitioning out of this job for over a month now so I’m ready to go. But I also think the fact that I’m so busy with editing and writing […]

Online Zines, Best American Mystery Stories, and the Future of Short Crime Fiction

I’ve discussed here on a number of occasions my concern with the increasingly isolated short crime fiction community and the false claims of a short story renaissance. A few Facebook posts recently reminded me of one particularly  depressing moment from last year that I think needs further discussion. When I was in Milwaukee for Murder […]

Lovely Dog To Good Home

UPDATE (8/7/13): I think we’re going to see if we can make some changes to our lifestyle and habits to keep the dog around. Even Becky, who has never really cared much for animals, thinks the transition to a new home might be hard for Stewie because he’s so attached to me. I think with […]