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My Words of Wisdom From Yesterday’s #carinachat

Yesterday I participated with other Carina Press editors in #carinachat, a monthly group interview about all things Carina. The topic yesterday was submissions and the entire chat can be found here at Storyfy. But the whole conversation can be kind of unwieldy so for those looking just for my nuggets of wisdom, particularly on what kind of books I’m looking to acquire, I’ve posted them below.

I Should Make a BDSM Joke But This Is IMPORTANT

I got my first batch of submissions from Carina today. Prior to the delivery I spent a good chunk of time yesterday and today streamlining my email operations to 1)better handle what I anticipate will be the flood of junk mail and junk submission from the wilds of the Internet and 2)better handle the flow of reading and reporting I’ll do for Carina. It’s not until a project like this that I realize how amazing GMail really is and how little of it’s power I’ve been tapping all these years.

And right off the bat as I glanced through the submissions I had flashbacks to the truly enjoyable parts of working on Demolition. I love the optimism and promise of a great read that comes with the slush pile. I’m excited to dig into these submissions and seek out the genius while also looking for some projects that can benefit from my editorial guidance. As a writer my favorite part is right after the rough draft when I can evaluate the sloppy mess I’ve dumped on the page and start sculpting it into it’s true form. I anticipate much of the same kind of joy helping other authors navigate their way through this process.

Also, secretly, I’m looking forward to the occasional stinker that makes me feel better about my own work.

I assume it won’t be long before I’m all jaded and hackneyed just doing this for the cash, but until then I’m going to enjoy the beauty of the process and hope the writing in that submission batch is better than the swill I just dumped here.

My New Gig

For once, something good about me broke over on Facebook and Twitter instead of here at the blog. It was really good news and I wanted the immediate gratification that comes with social media. I know. I actually went as far as to re-friend about 100 people I previously deleted in my last major social media purge just so I could have the max amount of congratulatory messages. I know. But as is normally the case, the blog provides a better home for more substantial analysis of my good news (and, not coincidentally, another chance to mention it on Twitter and Facebook).

So, many of you may know me as the editor of Demolition from back in the bygone days of the mid 2000s. But before that, I actually work in Big Publishing in New York City and loved it. Sort of. I loved the job and sort of loved New York City but I hated being poor in New York City so I left in 2001. I’ve been missing full blown commercial editing since then.  Since then I’ve made a nice reputation as a writer, but I’ve also come to grips with the realities of the current publishing climate and my own personal commercial aspirations.

These days if I’m going to do the full-time stay at home thing I so desire, it’s going to take more than novels and short stories to make that happen. Many other writers make a living doing other kinds of writing like corporate writing or RPG game writing or some such thing. I’ve never had any desire to do that kind of writing but always thought editing would be a cool gig to help branch the revenue stream. Unfortunately, until recently, the only way to do that was to be a well-known published author or former big shot publishing executive and work with authors looking to strengthen their bid for a Big NYC contract. But the rise of digital publishing has broaden this field immensely. The need for talented freelance editors to help indie writers stand out from the onslaught of slop is growing every day and big name digital publishing companies like Carina Press are looking to fill their editorial needs with freelance talent as well.

Enter me.

I first heard of Carina through Alison Dasho (who I first heard about through Bleak House Books and Tyrus Books). If it hadn’t been for Alison I never would have known these opportunities even exists. So know here I am roughly a year after I first started looking into this whole hubbub and I’m delighted with the prospects. Obviously my dream now is to develop a strong, deep, line at Carina and in the near future put together enough editing and creative writing work to work from home and still support my family. For now, I’m really looking forward to digging into the slush pile and helping talented authors bring their visions to the eager digital masses. I also expect I’ll become something of a social media shill for Carina Press and their authors but we all know that’s a better deal than me just being a social media shill for myself.

For those interested in submitting something to Carina Press for my consideration I’ve set up a dedicated Editing page with all of the pertinent details.