Sticking to my (PI Licenced) guns

A couple of days ago I posted a message at Crimespace regarding some issues I was having trying to sell my novel as a PI novel. I’ve gone 0-30 on queries and I’m starting to think it was because I repeatedly referred to the book as a PI novel and the MC as a PI, and the general sense in the industry is that the PI novel is dead. On the upside though, I do have one agent who expressed interest in the book and gave me some detailed points for revision and said he’d be excited to read it if I chose to revise. I’ve got most of the plot revisions taken care, but I was debating whether or not to change the MC’s job from PI to a detective with the Detroit Police warrant squad to avoid the market trouble.

Well, after much support from the Crimespace folk, I’ve decided to keep the character as a PI and exhaust all of my options along that route first. If I fail completely, then I can go back, change his job, change the title, and requery everyone all over again. So for now, I’m just updating my query letter to remove any references to PI novels or PI characters. This is how it will read:

Dallas Ellington is a TV gossip show’s wet dream. He’s a former child
star, acting coach for vice cops, and currently working with his
former co-star Steve Vaughn doing skip traces and corporate security
work in Detroit. It’s not long before a team from the show HOLLYWOOD
BACKSTORY is in town, but when Vaughn and the daughter of the show’s
producer disappear, Ellington is tapped to play hero.

A female cop, a ballerina-turned-stripper, and Ellington’s own
girlfriend all pull for his attention to their aspects of the case,
while a crushing clue reveals the decade old attack that ended his
acting career might not have been a random stalking but a murder
attempt. To figure out what’s happening in the present, Ellington has
to atone for mistakes he made in the past, otherwise a killer will do
more than scar him this time.

THE SCARS WE CARRY is a 70,000 word thriller for the media generation.

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