Stewie and Me

The dog started barking this morning at 4:49 and I realized I was going to have to make a very difficult decision. I absolutely adore this dog and for the most part he has been a great pet. He’s loving, he’s small, he mostly behaves himself and he’s great with kids. But his barking has been a problem for quite a while. Any time he is locked up he barks and squeals and yowls keeping everyone awake, and with Becky’s nerves and body as fragile as they are these days that’s not fair to her. And it’s not fair to Stewie. I realize that most of the reason he’s barking is because he just wants to play and be around us. That’s my fault more than his because I don’t have the time to walk him and play with him like I need to. And with a baby on the way that’s only going to get worse.

(grrrrr, trying not to cry while I type this)

I’ve always loved dogs and wanted one of my own. I had two when I was younger, but both times my parents ended up giving them away after only a year or so. When we got Stewie I told her she better not ever do that to me because it was so hard on me both of the times before. I told her about how after the last one I watched Cheers while my parents took the dog to the Humane Society and I still get teary eyed every time I hear that damn theme song.

The other thing I hate about this decision is thinking about what will happen to Stewie if he’s not with us. We got him when he was six weeks old so we’re really the only owners he’s ever known. He’s become very attached to the cat (sometimes inappropriately so) and I’m heartbroken to think about him not having that environment. But then I think that maybe he’ll get to be with a family that has more time to truly play with him and enjoy everything he has to offer.

These are the things I’m going to miss the most:

-The way he “smiles” after he’s chewed his rope too hard and his teeth show over his lip
-The way he follows me around the house at my ankles like my best friend in the world
-How excited he gets by one simple little rope and how cute he looks carrying the thing around like a baby

Ah, I can’t so this anymore it’s too hard.

UPDATE: Stewie’s not going anywhere just yet. My beautiful wife scheduled him to be neutered to see if that will help and we’re looking into some other things that might work as well.

7 thoughts on “Stewie and Me

  1. DAMN YOU QUERTERMOUS…how dare you make me cry at 8 a.m…..oh STEWIE! Oh the humanity. see, this is why you don’t have kids.

  2. We went through something similar. Just weeks before I got pregnant with our first, we adopted a beautiful husky-collie-GSD mix from the shelter, put him through obedience training, walked him twice a day; he’d curl up beside my computer as I worked…

    … and then we had to give him up the night our newborn came home. Because he tried to eat him. Some things obedience training cannot fix… strong predatory instinct is one. And we hadn’t seen it coming. So ya – I gained one kid only to lose another. It fucking sucked.

    Our dog ended up with my in-laws. Stewie seems like he has a great personality and I’m sure he’ll find the right home. Take care.

  3. I now have a lump in my throat for Stewie. But this is the reason why I’m not a dog person. They’re way too high maintenance. We have two cats. They entertain each other. They don’t really need us except to get fed and clean out their box.

    When your little one is older, I’m sure he’ll be clamoring for a dog. But you can’t believe him when he says he’ll take care of it.

  4. I am a dog person.

    I’ve had five different dogs during my life. All of them calmed down after two years, and all of them were little guys. It may take another year or so, but Stewie will not bark through the night forever. Dogs age like people.

    So glad to hear that you’re keeping him.

  5. Why the heck wasn’t Stewie fixed already? Were you planning to breed him? Because that’s the only reason not to get him fixed. I bet he’ll be a bit better behaved after his surgery.

  6. You had to show the picture, didn’t you? Now we can’t pretend he was an obnoxious killer dog. Why not try a dog trainer?

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