Static Cling

I’m sick of static in my life, it seems to be everywhere. I have a crappy radio so none of the stations come in clear and the new ipod car transmiter I bought has static too because of the radio. And then I talk on the phone all day at work and it seems like everybody is calling on a tincan under water. I think 90% of the people use speaker phone and then don’t bother to turn the TV down or tell their kids to shut up while they’re on the phone.

I think I’ve got static on my brain too. While the bulk of the funk seems to be behind me, I’m still not real happy with what I’m doing. I don’t feel like I’m working on THE project I should be, but I’m working on something at that’s all that matters, right? I do get glimmers of rightness here and there, though. I wrote a little flash story that I liked and some of the passages in the new book have tickled me, but overall I’m still very meh.

This weekend should be good for me though. I have Friday through Monday off and I’ll be very busy so probably won’t do much writing. I’ve got a lot of reading lined up though and I think that will go a long way to filling the old writing well that’s a bit dry.

What do you guys do to fill the writing well?

3 thoughts on “Static Cling

  1. Oh. You have I-suck-itis.I hate that. I’ve had flu bugs that were easier to deal with.I’ve started carrying a notebook with me. Not happy with what I’m scribbling so far, but that’s not the point. It definitely fills the well.

  2. I walk. Sounds lame, I know. But when I walk, I tend to absorb everything that’s going on around me. The unlabeled package, leaning against a neighbor’s door. The beautiful girl, crying as she drives past. A hurried kiss goodbye, a couple’s shouting match, the way the leaves are dappled with the light of the setting sun. I walk without any intent to work on my writing, but my brain always heads there on my own. Writing is rhythm, after all. Sometimes all I need is to recapture the beat.

  3. I just hang the hell on, and always keep writing on one single project. I will never start another novel, while I’m working on another one. I did that on my sixth novel, and it was the most excruciating novel to finish that I’ve ever written.I just accept the reality that I’m most likely not going to get published no matter what I’m writing, and so when the urge to write something “better” than I’m currently working on hits, I realize that it’s not actually better.Stick with one novel, and don’t stop until it’s done. Even if it takes three years to complete it.Stacey

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