Spot Me

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t post yesterday because CrimeSpot was down. I figured why waste a post if the broadest possible audience wouldn’t be able to view it? I’m horrible, I know.

I planned on writing about the first movie in what will ultimately be a three week bender of chick flicks at the theater for me. Saturday night I saw CATCH AND RELEASE starring Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. The movie was pretty much beaten to death by the critics but I liked it quite a bit. The only shining point of hope in all of the reviews was the amazing acting job by Kevin Smith. His role in this movie just solidified my life-long desire to be Kevin Smith’s best friend in the whole wide world.

Next on deck this weekend is BECAUSE I SAID SO. Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore, and Piper Perabo…oh yeah. Chick flick sure, but I’m seeing it for very male reasons…okay, mostly male reasons.

After that, on Valentine’s weekend (soooooo not looking forward to this year) is MUSIC AND LYRICS starring Hugh Grant as a has-been 80s pop star and Drew Barrymore as a writer sent in to help him write a new hit pop song. It’s written by the guy who wrote TWO WEEKS NOTICE (Meh), MISS CONGENIALITY (double meh), and FORCES OF NATURE (zzzzzzzzzz). Maybe he’ll do better with Drew Barrymore as his muse instead of Sandra Bullock. When I first saw the movie it looked like something Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) would have written for Hugh Grant, so I’m hoping it trends toward that style.

I also saw the preview for HANNIBAL RISING and I gotta say, it looks pretty cool.