Spenser and the Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids out to get pumpkins on Sunday for Halloween. Last year it was more of a photo op than anything else because Spenser was too small to really do anything. But this year he was able to get out and walk around and pick out his own pumpkin. His costume this year is a black sweat suit with skeleton bones on it and Sunday, we dressed him up in the hooded sweatshirt part and his jeans to make it festive. When we get there, Holly was just kind of a gooey sleeping mess in mommy’s arms, but Spenser was very deliberate in his pumpkin selection. He would approach from several directions and then lay his hands on several, but would always quickly pull them away as to not be committed to the wrong pumpkin. Finally, after he went back to the same one a couple different times we picked that one for him and went in to pay.

On the way into the main store area though, we passed by several large buckets of small, baby pumpkins and we thought it would be fun for him to have one of those for himself as well. Again, he was very slow to pick a pumpkin and when Becky tried to hurry him along, he reached around and tried to take the whole bucket. After he picked up the one he liked and held onto it for more then a few seconds, we went in to pay. When I was strapping him into his car seat to get ready to go home, he was still holding the pumpkin and I commented on the astounding fact that he hadn’t tried to chew on the pumpkin yet.

It took us about ten minutes to get home and when I took him out of his car seat, I noticed that he had some orange juice around his mouth. I initially thought it was from the Doritos I fed him earlier at Subway, but when I looked closer I saw that he had eaten almost half of the pumpkin. Some of the spots were gnawed at a shallow level, but other, larger chunks went almost to the core of the pumpkin. The kid is 13 months old, that just ain’t right. Of course he followed it up later that night by trying to eat the bricks on the fire place.

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