So much to say, so little of importance

I hate coming back from a long trip or vacation or surgery or whatever and trying to remember all of the cool spots without making the post a hundred pages long. But I did just get back from vacation, not surgery, and I did have some fun with the lovely Becky who sadly, is more of a man camping than I will ever be. So here are the highlights:

Day One

-Explore The World Famous Mystery Spot
-Explore St. Ignace
-Visit Walmart in Cheboygan
–Made my first ever fire, no one dead, and/or scarred, though Becky’s body seemed to reject the hotdogs later that evening in a nice little pile

Day Two

-Mackinaw Island- More fudge per capita than anywhere else in the US, and an equal amount of horse poop on the streets
-Walked 8.3 miles around the entire island, blisters to prove it, then up another mile or so to grave sites and other assorted funery. Got to watch guys in wool shoot guns and blow up foil in a cannon
-Saw “The Simpsons Movie”, great movie, not exactly sure why it took them 20 years to make it
-Another fire, dryer wood, still no casualties

Day Three

-Explored the UP, housing market seems to consist exclusively of single and double-wide trailers with garages, porches, and dog houses added on, thought of Patrick Shawn Bagley and how comfortable he might feel here
-Hit the Soo Locks which is like watching cars in gridlock, only less exciting, nasty town, nasty site, and bad parking
-Crossed over to Paradise, home of a certain crotchety PI, was a little disappointed to see it wasn’t as rustic as I imagined, they had a Subway and a Best Western
-Went up to Whitefish Point where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank, walked in the water, bough souvenirs
-went back up a little ways to Oswalds Bear Ranch–A BEAR ranch!!!–certainly the highlight of the trip, though I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to ride or rope the bears like at a horse ranch, but we did get to touch a baby bear.
-Visited Taquahmanon Falls, more stairs, more walking, more ice cream, also had first UP traditional pastie which tasted suspiciously of Crisco and feet
-Yet another injury-free fire

Day Four

-Back to the Island, more walking, more horse poop, more fudge and icecream as well
-Visiting Arch rock, waaaaaaaaaay up high over the lake
-driving back home eager to vacate the wilderness and return to civilization and the internet (okay maybe that last one was just me)

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  1. Hey, when did you find time to put up the new stories on Demolition? Oh wait…Not yet I see. Back to work!Actually sounds like a fun trip though a little surreal – built a fire, watched the Simpsons, ate some ‘smores…

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