Slip and Slide

You know you’re getting old when you go to the doctor for a physical and there’s a tube of KY jelly and a rubber glove on the counter. Luckily, it turns out I’m still 5 years away from that particular set of explorations but it’s nice to know what the future holds.

I felt very adult getting my exam and showing my Blue Cross benefit card. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever gone to the doctor without being sick or bleeding. And apparently I’m in fine shape for a man my age, though I could stand to lose 20 pounds and eat better. Next on my adult health checklist is my first dental exam in nigh unto five years, and then I need to hit the eye doctor and make sure I’m not any closer to being blind.

Since my doctor is back in Flint, I stayed a couple night with my parents and went to see the new Mark Wahlberg movie SHOOTER with my dad. Overall it was a pretty good movie. A little too political at times and sort of a dumb ending, but it’s fun watching a guy shoot down a helicopter with one shot from a well placed high powered rifle shot. And the only thing better than watching professional killers work with the highest technology, is watching them work with next to nothing.

3 thoughts on “Slip and Slide

  1. Aren’t adult doctor visits fun? the kind you actually pay for out of your own pocket, and not mom & dad’s insurance? And get thee to the dentist, it was the best thing I ever did last year (and it had been “nigh unto 5 years” for me too!)

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