Silence Ain’t Exactly Golden

When a former New Kid on the Block and a dummy are are the best actors in your film, you’ve got trouble. I went to see DEAD SILENCE, the new movie from the SAW team, last night, and honestly, it was a pretty good movie. Aside from some of the worst acting this side of porno, there were some genuinely creepy moments and a lot of fun dialogue courtesy of Donnie Wahlburg, the aforemention New Kid, playing a smarmy homicide cop. He has the best line in the whole movie:

“The mystery toy department is down the hall, this is homicide.”

Much schlocky fun was had by all, and my girlfriend will now have nightmares for the next week.

On the writing side, I think I’ve finally fallen back into a nice groove and not getting so distracted by the query process. I’ve got about 6k words done on the urban exploration book and even started a new mystery short story I’m thinking might be mainstream enough to try at EQMM AHMM. Guess we’ll see.