Showers and Houses

Becky and I had our wedding shower on Saturday. What a weird time that was at first. Lots of people from both sides of two families, many of whom have never met, playing weird games. Becky and I just watched an laughed (and my dad ate and watched TV hidden away) and then opened a lot of cool presents. Sunday we went to the Home Depot to buy stuff for our new house. We bought tile, and appliances, and drywall, oh so much drywall. I took my parents over to see the house on Saturday and took these crappy pics with my phone. But you get the idea. I may have over-exagerated when I said it didn’t have any floors or walls.

noname2.jpg noname.jpg noname31.jpg noname4.jpg

I also had a great writing day Sunday. I did 1600 words on the novel and another 100 words on the short story. I’m thinking the short story has lost it’s gloss for me now and I don’t feel the need to work on it at the same time as the novel so I’ll probably save it for when I’m done to help clear my brain.

4 thoughts on “Showers and Houses

  1. If it was up to me we would be renters for all of time. Home ownership scares me to death. But she’s owned her own house since she was 19 so I guess she knows what she’s doing by now.

  2. To borrow a line from Ghostbusters: “A unique fixer-upper opportunity”…

    And dude! You had a shower! At last!

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the lamb.

  3. We took an even easier way out. We bought a brand new house. It was 60 miles from my job, through very congested freeways, but it was ours. Our second house was a fixer-upper. Now the real fun begins for you.

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