Shots through the heart

Hell didn’t freeze over, but Flint did get 9 inches of snow. On an unrelated note, my short story BREAKFAST ANYTIME has been accepted for publication by Shots Magazine. Shots is the first magazine that gave me a personal rejection letter almost four years ago and now I’m in. Sure, the magazine’s stories have been nominated for Derringer Awards and Million Writer’s Awards but it’s easy to doubt the legitimacy of a magazine that will publish any old hack job writer.

But thanks to the Divine Ms. Weinman for accepting the story, and Pat Lambe for offering suggestions and saying nice things about it, and Neil Smith for putting together the Mississippi Review issue that inspired me to write it after thinking about it for a long time, even though he rejected it.

9 thoughts on “Shots through the heart

  1. A post about writing?OK. Who wrote that, and what have you done with Bryon?I mean, congratulations, of course. It’s just that I’m sure we all want Bryon returned to us unharmed and alien imposters are just freaky.

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