She said Yes!

Eight months ago I went on a date with the most amazing girl. I’m kind of dense though, so it took me a while to realize what a treasure I had been blessed with. But I finally came around. And tonight, I asked her to marry me.

And she said yes.

This just proves there’s hope for everyone.

29 thoughts on “She said Yes!

  1. Dude! And she’s real? And… and not Dave??You’re shattering all my illusions here. Does she know what really went on in that hotel room in Madison, or did the ointment work before you guys met?

  2. Thank God she said yes. The posts if she’d said no would have been torture to read.I’m kidding of course.And very happy for you.Congrats!

  3. BQ!!! i couldn’t be happier for you guys. seriously you deserve this bigtime, all the happiness in the world. Way to go saying yes, Becky! you just made Bryon the giddiest little schoolgirl in town. :)jokes jokes!lots of love from this section of the world.

  4. I’m just assuming Dave said no and you had to settle for your second choice.Holy crap. Congratulations, dude!How does one invite an entire blogosphere to a wedding?

  5. “This just proves there’s hope for everyone.”For everyone except your poor fiance.(Can’t believe I missed that one the first time around. I think I was just in shock. But, really. Congratulations.)

  6. Oh, yeah, whatever her last name is, you guys have to hyphenate. “Quertermous” and just about anything will be great.

  7. Amazing news! When’s the wedding? Do I get to attend the bachelor party? (As a guest!) Congratulations, mazel tov, very happy for you.

  8. Late to the party as usual, but this is great news, B.Congratulations.I’ve been married for 27 years to a great woman and I can say that marriage is a really wonderful thing. May you find as much happiness in your marriage as I’ve found in mine.

  9. I put mine on the wrong post. Gah!Seriously, this is wonderful news. So excited for you both. I expect the work product to have a deeper glow about it now, eh?

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