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I saw my name in a book at Borders yesterday. It’s not as cool as this guy’s story, but it’s the first time I’ve been able to go into Borders and pull a book off the shelf and see my name, right there in black and white. The book is “The Missing Detective and 19 of the Year’s Finest Crime and Mystery Stories” and my name appears in Sarah Weinman‘s article on blogs. I don’t have the book nearby so I can’t quote the passage directly, but she’s talking about the new generation of mystery writers who are influenced as much by films and graphic novels as classic detective novels and she names me in the group along with Ray Banks, John Rickards, and Dave White among others. I’m mentioned again when she talks about the ground-breaking Blog Short Story Project. And finally at the end of the article she lists this very blog under Notable Crime Fiction Blogs. So thanks Sarah for the huge ego boost and to everyone who helped make the BSSP a huge success.

Of course after seeing that, I immediately wanted to see my name on something of my own in print so I went over to the cafe and knocked out my 1,000 words for the night. That brings the grand total so far to just over 10,000 words. I’m half way to being a quarter of the way done.

7 thoughts on “Say my Name

  1. I’m enormously chuffed for you to be mentioned alongside me in Sarah’s article. Obviously, it’s a great honour, but don’t let it go to your head – you can’t go slipping up if you want to be mentioned in stuff about me in future, y’know.

  2. aren’t you supposed to be glued to a girl’s face in Ohio somewhere? with your braces stuck together?Bry that’s really cool. apparently there’s also a pic of you taken by moi in the Crimespree Mag! now that’s popularity.

  3. I remember the days when Bryon would regale us with stories of chicklit and musical theatre. He used to have this thing I think he called his “blog”, and sometimes he’d write stuff on it.I know, it sounds far-fetched. But it’s true. I’ve seen blurry photographs of Bryon online. Sure, some people claim it’s just a man in a monkey suit or a raccoon out of focus, but it happened, I tells yer.

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