Saturday Photo: A Throwback to Last March and My Stupid Flowerbed



Last year at this time my Flowerbed of Doom looked like this.  So as much as I’ve complained about the weather lately, I’m happy to see this evil thing covered under a pile of snow. Hopefully it breaks the spirit of whatever weed demons live in there and I don;t have to worry much about it this year.

Though I do have to say I look forward to mowing the lawn much more than I look forward to snow blowing. Mowing the lawn is relaxing and you can have a cold beer afterward in the sun. Snow blowing is miserable and exhausting and all I want afterward is a nap.

I’m also looking forward to getting out and grilling again. Maybe tonight. Normally I grill all through the winter, but it’s been so cold and we’ve had so much snow that it’s been virtually impossible.

So enjoy your weekend. It won’t be too much longer until we’re complaining about how hot it is and I’m complaining about my weeds.