Room with an Interview

I just finished up a second round interview for a position I’m trying
to get with my current company. The bulk of the job application and
hire process makes me miserable and nasty and I hate it with the fires
of many bongs, but I love the interview process. I love putting on my
suit and pulling out the resume and really showing off. Dodging
sketchy questions, turning random questions into goldmines for
development of my skill potential, and basically taking any issue or
question they throw at me and smacking it home. My blood rushes, my
pulse races, and my under arms sweat, but when it goes down right
there’s no better feeling in the world.

And then you wait.

And wait some more.

And then they cancel the position.

And then just when you’ve given up on it, they open it back up again.

And then you wait some more.

With as much as I hate this process, it makes me wonder why I don’t
just pick one job and stay with it for the rest of my life. Oh, right,
I hate being bored at work even more than I hate waiting.

Tell me your best and worst interview stories. Anybody just despise
the whole process?

2 thoughts on “Room with an Interview

  1. The older I get, the more I loath interview days. The past five years, they’ve turned into truly daylong affairs that suck the life out of you by the time your done. Three years ago I interviewed with a successful company for a great job, which is why I guess I tolerated a two-month process that included three separate visits to their office plus four phoners, followed up by an application process that can only be described as the corporate equivalent of a prostate exam. … After all that, I didn’t get the offer. I was a backup for an internal candidate.

  2. I’ve got a few, most of them from my Silicon Valley days. I worked at Apple and Netscape, but applied forother such companies. There I was in my early 30s being interviewed by twenty year olds with attitudes. The worst was Intuit, where I should have been a shoe-in, seeing as how I had the technical experience they wanted AND I was a certified Tax Preparer. But no, I answered a question wrong, and it was not to be.

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