Remember when I used to write weird hyperfiction stories when I had a cold?

**Warning, bitching and moaning follow below. Enter at your own risk. But at least it’s not writing-related bitching and moaning. That’s got to count for something, right?**

I’m got a cold, strep throat, and some weird chest disease going on right now and it sucks. I know, being an out of shape guy from the midwest during the winter it shouldn’t surpise me to be sick, in fact it seems like every other blog post out there that isn’t about writing is about a writer being sick.

But I have deeper insights into how this sickness relates to my life and that’s worth it’s weight in gold. I always get sick this time of the year. It’s either the strep throat/chest cold variation or the sinus infection variation. But back in the day, I took some cold medicine, took a couple days off from work or school, and slept it off. It always worked, and once I even got a cool hyperfiction story out of it when I tried to complete the first Blog Short Story Project doped up on Nyquil.

Things are different with kids around. for one, their vile little disease factory systems have added several new variations to the winter sickness mix, but the biggest thing is they make it harder to heal fast…or at all. Now up front, I know I have it easier than my wife. Being a stay-at-home mom she doesn’t have the option of calling in sick and she’s been as sick as me lately mixed in with the general sleep deprivation that comes with her life these days.

But as the sole income provider of the family, if I don’t stay healthy we don’t get money. So sometimes I feel selfish when I take a nap or take a long shower or whatever to make myself capable of going to work, knowing my wife is probably worse off. I try to let her rest a bit as well, but she’s way more concerned with the kids screaming and hitting things than I am and it tends to hinder her ability to rest.

And I can’t take time off of work because I have to save my vacation days for a trip to DisneyWorld next month (Am I the only one working for a company with the stupid accrual policy of PTO time? Why can’t I just have it all at once at the beginning of the year????). And traveling with a toddler and an infant is a whole different conversation of terror I’m sure I’ll indulge in later. And I’m not entirely convinced I won’t still be sick by the time we leave.

So there’s my insight. Having kids makes it harder to get better when you’re sick and harder to write absurdist webfiction as well. In case you wondered.

3 thoughts on “Remember when I used to write weird hyperfiction stories when I had a cold?

  1. I have accrual PTO as well, and it stinks like Holly’s poo. Which she manufactures for me at least once every time I see her. Like I told you — me and Holly, we tight.

    I felt a cold coming on today… I took some major vitamins, and almost immediately my nose stopped running and I stopped sneezing. And, my pee turned flourescent green, which is the coolest thing of all.

    Just so you know, being sick without kids is actually kind of awesome. I don’t have to “waste” my vacation time staying home with sick kids, so I have a pretty much unlimited quantity of hours from which to draw. And, a vast from which to download to my kindle.

    Now I am wondering why I bothered to take vitamins.

  2. Our company sort of met us half way on PTO accrual. You can borrow up to a certain number of days per quarter.

    Of course, it’s better to end the year with some left over.

    OTOH, the company stopped giving out perfect attendance awards. When the old bitties who used to lord those over us protested, they were invited to cash in their 401k’s. After all, do you really want Typhoid Mary sitting in her cube spewing snot into the air for all to breathe? Now a bad chest cold no longer takes out entire departments like it did when I started here.

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