Rabbits, Etc.

Being the first of the month, I feel like I should post something. With all of the great news I’ve been sharing this week, I’m worried about going overboard with the news, but I also still want to keep this blog active. Unfortunately I’m eyeballs deep in work for Exhibit A getting all of the material ready for our intrepid US marketing manager to take and sell the hell out of to our reps. This is certainly not the dream work people think about when they think about the publishing industry, but it’s the real grunt work that actually makes sure people know about and read the great books we publish. So I’m more than happy to do my part.

I’m still in the dream haze of my book deal, but I’ve been surprised how getting this deal has opened my creative flood gates for other projects. I’ve been dancing around several different projects in wildly varying degrees of completion, because I didn’t really feel any of them were what I wanted to be my first appearance in the market. But now that we’ve got that piece taken care of, I can get to work finishing up these other projects. I said it before and I’ll continue to say it, but this is an incredible time to be in publishing and the options for authors are amazing.

Now, back to marketing work stuck inside at an indoor playscape so the kids don’t destroy MY house while I work.

2 thoughts on “Rabbits, Etc.


    Eighteen months is long enough to wait!

    (Explainer: Hopefully the wonderful Mr. Quertermous is getting my book ready for market. Bless his heart.)

  2. Nope, Mr. Irving, your book is all ready to go into the world. This is work for the end of this year and into next year. People like to complain about the lag times in publishing (and I’ve been one of them) but when you’re dealing with large companies and book stores, those long lead times are unavoidable.

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