Please pardon our dust

I’m bored and figured it’s about time this site got a redesign and a new title to reflect my current use of this blog. We should have the kinks worked out in a bit here then a post on my obsession with dialogue. Talk amongst yourselves until then.

31 thoughts on “Please pardon our dust

  1. You definitely need a unique look. Its getting harder and harder to tell whose blog I’m on just from the look. I guess that’s one of the problems with templates.

  2. This latest template–is that an airplane?–reminds me of the cover for Lee Goldberg’s BEYOND THE BEYOND, and that’s not a good thing.And have you gone from Thinking Out Loud back to Coping with Sanity?

  3. I would change the title.The current airplane template is hard to read. I had to look at it for several seconds to find the post. Too monochrome.

  4. This is good. And your photo makes you look all authorly and cool and stuff. Took a second to reorient, but I like it.OK, new post. Make fun of White. Discuss how we’re going to get drunk and strip his car for parts in Chicago.

  5. I like the new pic, although I can’t see the hottie that ACG was talking about, so I assume you took that one down, right?:-DA couple of things I would say is – put in an extra couple of lines worth (about another 12px) after each comment to separate them out a bit; and also you seem to have lost Blogspot’s NavBar, which isn’t a problem as such except that they require it to use the site – but since you can’t vary it, it must be a fault with their system. 🙂

  6. I like the new pic, although I can’t see the hottie that ACG was talking about, so I assume you took that one down, right?help me john.he makes me say those things or he says he won’t let me out of the basement. please help.oh no. here he no. i wasn’t talking to anyone bryon. i swear. please. no. not again. AAARRRGGGG!!!!!!

  7. Thanks guys for appreciating the new site. I’m working on a new post right now though it’s level of insightfulness may be open to interpretation. And I refuse to mention Dave and stripping in the same comment even if it’s just his car. Not after Florida man, not after Florida.John–The Blooger bar is gone by my choice, I found some code that eliminates it and haven’t had any problems getting it to continue working through Blogger. If you’re interested I’ll pass on the code. And I’ll try and figure out how exactly to add more spaces between the comments. I won’t even tell you what kind of vulgar things I had to agree to just to GET comments.ACG–This is your last warning, if I have to come down there again I’m bringing the Winter’s End audiobook…

  8. this is very “it puts the lotion in the basket” only in this case “it puts the John Rickard’s novels in the basket…it does this whenever it’s told”.I don’t like how there’s a new window when I need to comment. change that. thanks. whine whine whine.

  9. I just want to wade in on the moral majority thing: PUT THE DAMN BLOGGER HEADER BACK UP. If you don’t the whole ‘next blog’ thing is gone and I for one like that. Plus, we get to play here for free – why not say thanks by leaving up the bar? Biting the hand that feeds and all that…Dude – it’s the right thing to do.

  10. Did you see they added an option on the blogger header to flag “offensive” blogs… and then those flagged blogs will not be listed in the Blogger Registry thang for when someone does searches…so I say fuck’em and take it down!And what? You luuuuuv Stuart… look how you do whatever he says…*pretty mouthy when i’m not locked in a basement*

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