Pets or food

Pets or Food was another title I toyed with briefly for this blog. It comes from Michael Moore’s documentary “Roger and Me” about my hometown of Flint, Michigan. In one scene Moore interviews a woman selling rabbits as pets or food. The scene became a local highlight and I thought it might be fun to reference Flint in my title. but really, people think I’m sick enough as it is, I don;t need to encourage it any more.

Now, onto the big news: I’m official a cabana boy! This has been a long time in the making and there are so many people to thank…

As for my new novel, well, I got about a page and a half done last night. I switched from Courier back to my favorite Times New Roman. The Courier just looks dumb to me and I think makes it easier to write crap. I think I’m going to have to ease myself back into long form writing and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to throw out an opening or two before I get into the swing of things but I think I’m up to the task. It’s not like I have anything else more pressing going on. So the new page count I’ll be aiming for is 266 because TNR averages about 300 words a page. When I’m ready to send it out I’ll reformat it to Courier because I still think thats the preferred font of the industry and I’d rather send out a beefy 320 page manuscript anyway.

This will have to keep me busy so I don’t contstantly check my email while I wait to hear back about the short story I sent to The Mississippi Review or from the agent who’s reading my manuscript.

4 thoughts on “Pets or food

  1. I’m not sure how this developed, but I have to write in TNR, 12 point single spaced–but I can’t edit unless I convert them to Courier 12, double spaced. I think it’s because TNR looks more like the kind of fonts used in a manuscript (well, I suppose I could use Garamond, which is a really pretty font, but kind of showy) but Courier’s fixed width and there’s lots of room to make notes and comments to myself.But since I’m just writing a first draft, I’m doing whatever the hell I can just to get the story down. I’ll worry about whether it works once it’s done…Inefficient? Probably, but OTOH, I’ve never finished a novel before and I’d kind of like to already.

  2. I loathe Courier with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.On the Big Brain, I write in TNR 12, double spaced. And yet on the Little Brain, even with its smaller screen, I’ve been writing in Arial 10, single spaced with 12pt gaps after each paragraph (‘cos otherwise the enormous block of text looks horrible). Then when I copy it across, I reformat it into the Big Brain standard.

  3. What kind of margins do you guys use? I tried 1.5 inches and that was just way too big, lots of white space on the edges made it look like I was trying to cheat, but 1 inch was too small and the page was very dense and since I write on a 5 page per day schedule it takes forever to finish those pages with 1 inch margins. I finally settled on 1.25 which looks good around the borders but still keeps the pages disappearing quickly when I’m typing. I also stick with the 1.25 in margins when I switch to Courier for submissionFor short stories I too like TNR 12 single spaced. I don’t know why this looks so cool but it also makes it easy to submitt to online magazine. I can’t imagine doing an entire novel manuscript like that. I like to see my pages stacking up pretty quickly.

  4. Um, honestly, I have no idea what margin size I use. Whatever the default is? I just assume when it comes time to submit, I’ll reformat it to whatever the “standard” is whenever I bother learning it. I’m sure it makes more work for me, but what can you do.

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