Paint the town…primer

Painting is one of the few home type project I truly detest. And here I am stuck with a house in which every wall and the ceiling needs to be painted. Luckily, much of the prep work is not needed because we don’t have floors or furtniture to worry about ruining. Becky’s parents did a bunch of work while we were gone so that was great and my parents are coming up this weekend to help us hopefully get most of it done. This is payback for all of the times I helped my parents fix their houses. Yay.

But I had one of those wonderful epiphany moments at the end of the night. I was standing in what will eventually be the baby’s room and I was thinking about the baby growing up in that room and it turning into the room of a toddler, and then a teenager. It was then I really realized what I’m embarking on with my family and it was overwhelming in a good way.

5 thoughts on “Paint the town…primer

  1. At my last place, when we kicked out our Detestable Roommate (TM), I had to completely repaint that bedroom before it could be converted into an office.

    Took me two weeks, the walls were a plain, boring white, but I was rather proud of myself since it was first room I’d ever painted on my own.

    Just make sure you air the room out when you’re done.

  2. Painting is a lot of work but it doesn’t cost much and gives big results. Now wallpapering, that’s where the cost is high, the job difficult and we’ve been known to rip it right down and puy another pattern.

  3. Painting sucks.

    And you can say that it’s “overwhelming” without adding “in a good way.” Because about a month before we went to China all I could think was, “What the hell are we doing??” There was no “in a good way.” But that’s okay.

  4. If my daughter grows to a teenager in her current room, she’ll be able to stretch out and touch all four walls at the same time. Who builds a room the size of a walk-in closet in a regular-sized house?

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