Our Desktop Died So We Bought The Kids Tablets


Specifically, these two RCA 7 inch tablets I bought at Walmart for $49. The kids have been using my iPad (and fighting over my iPad) for too long and making it too sticky so the time was soon coming for a change. I’ve had a lot of editing work to do lately and I like to do structural editing on my iPad rather than my Macbook because 1) it feels more like reading an actual manuscript which is important to me on big picture reads and 2) it’s easier on my wrists for long stretches of work.

Because I’ve had the iPad more the kids have had to find other ways to digitally amuse themselves (and learn, Spenser especially likes to play numbers and reading games) and that usually meant going to our desktop. That option crapped out on us last week with a bad video card and after looking each other with blank stares trying to name things we actually need a desktop for, we decided the better option was to get the kids their own tablets.

I know this is a horrible road we’re going down but frankly I don’t care. They still play outside a lot, and I’ve seen first hand the knowledge Spenser has picked up from it so, eh. I’m waiting for the first person to complain about us letting them have them at restaurants. As fellow diners of ours you only have two options: A quiet experience for all involved, but you have to keep your judgmental interfering to yourself or a horrible noises chaotic mess that you can gloat about to us and likely get yelled at if I’m in one of my moods.

This is a developing story. The pool is now open on how soon before we have to take them away from the kids.

UPDATE: Three days later we had to take them back because they were cheap garbage and wouldn’t work. So we spent a little bit more to get the Kindle Fire Kids Edition that comes with not only a year of free Kindle Unlimited books and apps for the kids, they also have a 2 year no questions ask replacement guarantee if the kids break them. That, my friends, is priceless.

4 thoughts on “Our Desktop Died So We Bought The Kids Tablets

  1. How are those working? My kids each have a Kindle, but there are certain things they can’t do with those. Also- in our household- giving the kids unlimited access to the Kindles resulted in them being totally gung-ho for them at the start, and then the excitement wore off. They still use them daily, but not for very long and mainly for different things now- listening to music, watching LEGO instructional videos, reading books…

  2. Holly watches tons of videos about how to braid hair and how to make crafts.

    We actually thought about getting them the kids version of the Kindle Fire, but they were $100 more expensive and we weren’t ready to commit to that yet for a five and a six year old. I’m hoping to get more books on them for the kids once we figure out the best way to do that.

  3. The kids version of the Kindle Fire only has Kindle Freetime access. I was going to get one for Jonas because he drops the regular Kindle Fire a lot, but that’s far too limited for that increase in price.

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