Once More Into The Cone of Silence

Between deadlines, technology fatigue, and just a general dissatisfaction where the world is going lately, I figured it’s time once again for a social media hiatus. I’ll still post here a couple of times – likely after I get the new Traveler’s Notebook and fountain pen I ordered – but I’ll be off of social media and severely curtailing my time online in general. I’ve got books to read, books to edit, a book to finish writing, and a bottle of bourbon I need to figure out how best to enjoy in the heat. So my plate will certainly be full. I hope to spend my time staring at that relaxing view from my back yard more than I stare at my computer and emerge victorious at the end of July with the completed manuscript of Trigger Switch and a renewed interest in joining civilization again.

Of course any big announcements will go first to subscribers of my newsletter, so make sure you’re on that list as well. Viva la Freedom. Or something.