Of Dark and Stormy Weddings

Some of you may notice a drastic drop in the levels of snark and filfth in the blogosphere this weekend because I will be gone. I had originally planned on going to the MWA Midwest conference “Of Dark and Stormy Nights,” instead I will be dropping $160 on a tux and standing up for the only guy who willingly hugs me. Yes he’s straight and he’s getting married this Saturday. I’ve known Matt for about six years now and he’s one of my closest guy friends. This will be the third wedding I’ve been involved in and it’s nice to know I have a few places to point when people say “Why are all your friends girls?” And speaking of girls, I had hoped to see Laura at this conference because she wasn’t making any MI stops on her tour for “To the Power of Three” so Laura consider this a public apology for dissing you. I know it’s all you really had to look forward to this weekend.

Anyway, I’ll be under the radar for the next few days and will be hopefully using the massive amounts of downtime and boredom inherent in protestant weddings to finish my blog story.

In other good news I just bought an air conditioner and will be taking it back home with me when I’m done here. And not nearly soon enough. They may be God’s chosen people, but the purveyors of my Jewish rooming house have not been blessed with cool digs. Maybe it was all that time they spent in the desert.

Mmmmmmm, desert…

17 thoughts on “Of Dark and Stormy Weddings

  1. “and standing up for the only guy who willingly hugs me”You mean you FORCE other guys to do it? Bryon, seriously dude, we need to talk about your public image…

  2. It’s the reason the BCon opening night bash was so embarassing last year. You have this guy running up to complete strangers and saying, “HUG ME!” at the top of his voice, chasing them into a corner if they don’t comply, and all the while you can’t sneak off and hide like you want to because you’re the one holding his drink for him.

  3. That was him? All I know is Lee Goldberg ran up to me, grabbed my sleeve, and said, “Run, dude. It’s ugly.”There was a group of about seven or eight of us – me, Lee, Ken Bruen, the three guys from PWG, and some guy from LA… Mike something. Writes about a cop named after a painter… standing on CBC Plaza smoking cigarettes and watcing the Convention Centre nervously.But then we saw Stuart Woods, ganged up on him, and kicked his ass in a back alley. Everything was cool after that.So Bryon was the one that set the panic off.

  4. Protestant weddings – yessir. Have fun at the “banquet” later and don’t drink too much sparkling cider. (oy)congrats on the AC.

  5. see, i’m not the only one who thought your name was Byron at first…and we pick on Bryon because we love him so much. And also because he pretty much makes it impossible NOT to.

  6. I don’t love Bryon. I have no strong feelings either way. He’s kind of like a retarded cousin you’d bring out at parties and throw peanuts at until he danced.Because, obviously, I only go to parties that have peanuts.

  7. Although not a guy, I would have hugged you Bryon. Does that enhance your reputation or damage it further? And we could have sung show tunes!But I’ll see you in Chicago, right?

  8. Obviously the stealth cameraphones will be out in full force at BCon.Oh yeah, Bryon, update your damn blog already. I’m bored.

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