Nothing Happened Yesterday So I Didn’t Tell You About It

I’m trying to write here more regularly as I mentioned, but I just didn’t feel like it yesterday so I didn’t. You didn’t miss anything. Today is mostly a rush to get work stuff done so I’m in good shape to travel next week for Edgar Week. It’s cold and rainy today so the kids can’t really play outside and they know their break is drawing to a close so they seem a little sad. I’m actually going to miss having them around. I’m also going to miss that extra hour of sleep I’ve been getting without needing to get them home from school.

Becky will still be home for another two weeks because this baby is just kicking her butt something fierce. She has a new medicine that helps with the nausea, but it saps her energy so much she can barely get out of bed. Not exactly a fair trade as far as quality of life.  I feel bad for her and hope we’re on the tail end of it rather than in the middle. Or, god forbid, the beginning.

I want to get out to another movie soon. I went with Spenser to see Captain America and, while I enjoyed it, he was so hopped up on Easter stuff he couldn’t sit still so I missed a lot of the subtext and plot of the movie trying to keep him from exploding. There are a ton of great (and less-than-great but still awesome) movie this summer that I’m looking forward to.