Narcissistic Thoughts on a Bombing

I’m in the mood to blog tonight before I get into my editing work and I’m faced with the choice of being petty in the face of a national tragedy and writing about my weight loss plan like I had originally planned, or I can be narcissistic and write about the bombing at the Boston Marathon through my eyes and experiences.

Part of me thinks I should be more shaken up about this than I am. I have been at the finish lines of two marathons waiting for Becky. I was at the finish of the Detroit Marathon by myself and I was at the finish of the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati with the kids. I’ve never been to Boston, but I’ve also never been to Newtown or Aurora and those two attacks really shook me up. Maybe I’m becoming desensitized to it and 2 deaths isn’t enough to hit my nerve center. Maybe I’m just sick of the news coverage of all of it and the rote bullshit the news and cable networks spit out to fill space so they don’t feel like they’re being left behind. I don’t know and Im not going to look too deep into myself to figure it out.

I can do what I can to be safe and to keep my kids safe, but I believe in a higher power with a larger plan for me and my life and that when it’s my time to go I’m outta here. Until then I’ll be a selfish prick and use experiences like this as a reminder to hug my kids tighter and be a nicer person to strangers and live my life better all around.

UPDATE: Multiple new outlets are reporting that an 8-year-old boy is among the dead. NOW I’m pissed and crushed and sad like I originally expected I would be. Am I really this susceptible to emotional manipulation like that? Whatever. The whole thing sucks.