My First ER Visit of 2017 is in the Books


Thanks to the good people at the Oakwood Hospital ER who helped me last night after an embarrassing incident that resulted in two fractured toes and a sprained knee. Was happy for once to go to the ER and leave the same day.

I was yelling at Holly for the millionth time that day to clean up her crayons in the living room and I tried to storm out of there dramatically and, instead, kicked the step from the living room up to the kitchen so hard I blew out two toes and my knee and don’t remember a period of about five minutes after it happened.


It was awful. Holly was crying because she thought it was her fault and my screaming in mortal pain didn’t help any.

Still though, it was nice to be the ER for my clumsiness and temper rather than my bad diet or other health reasons.