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I think most readers have one or two “goal books” they think about. Those big massive tomes that represent the literary version of the marathon. For me, for the longest time, it was Gone With the Wind. I conquered that mountain in high school and moved on to The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. That one I never finished and don’t feel all that bad about. I’ve mostly contented myself with writing a novel instead of conquering a novel.

But lately I’ve been thinking there’s another book I need to read. The Bible. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think it’s a good book to understand and think about. At one point Laura Lippman was reading a page of the Bible and a page of Shakespeare every day. SJ Rozan reads through the Torah sections regularly and Steven Torres keeps a separate journal of his Bible reading thoughts.

Unlike most big books, The Bible is something that probably isn’t going to be read from beginning to end like a novel. The way I’m going to do it is with a book called Seasons of Reflections. It’s the NIV Bible broken into 365 daily reading sections. Each reading includes a section from the old testament, the new testament, and Psalms or Proverbs. The section I started with yesterday included Genesis 1, Matthew 1 and Psalms 1. I’m looking forward to this journey as a literary exercise and something that will sharpen and strengthen my own faith.

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  1. You know my sentiments on religion, but as for reading the Bible, I couldn’t agree more.I was raised in a house with this one book, and yes, that probably explains a lot, but by the time I was ten I’d read the New Testament and I don’t regret it. I’ve read a large part of the Old Testament, but not all at once and not from Genesis to Malachi.This is one of my desert island books, along with Big Bill’s work and the Black Lizard canon.Anyone who wishes to understand Western civilization should start here.

  2. GONE WITH THE WIND (and REBECCA and FOREVER AMBER) were books I read in my second language when I was a teen. For each I stayed up all night. I miss that kind of book craziness. These days I have no time to keep up with my colleagues in the field.

  3. It’s definitely worth a read. I particularly like the part in the Old Testament where God orders the Israelites to kill women and male children among the war prisoners, but leave the female children alive to be raped. (Numbers 31) It don’t get much darker than that.

  4. I always find it funny to hear Christian groups rail against sex and violence in movies and TV. Meanwhile, they’re preaching from the Bible, a book full of racial hatred, slaughter, incest, cruelty to animals and even a scene where one of God’s favorite children offers to pimp out his daughters. A great read that Old Testament. Sorry if I’ve gone off the track.

  5. Oh, if we’re going to tell our favorite Bible stories, mine is from the New Testament when Jesus exorcises demons from a villager and casts them into a herd of pigs who then run into the river and drown. I always pictured the owner of the herd saying, “Hey! What the fuck! Those were my pigs! Now what am I going to do? Jesus Christ.”I think that’s where the expression came from.

  6. You guys have completely confused me … where in the Racing Form did you find a Pick Three with these three horses in the number 1 posts? Genesis 1, Matthew 1 and Psalms 1I’ve looked at Del Mar, Saratoga, Oaklawn, Monmouth … even Batavia Downs.You shouldn’t tease people like this, brothers.

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