More Tales From Vomit City

Spenser has been a vomity baby from the beginning. He was always phlegmy and spitting up when he was little and as he’s gotten older this has translated into quite a few episodes of yakking as a little boy. It doesn’t help that he’s such a HUGE drama queen with it all and makes himself sick sometimes just by worrying about it so much. I have to intentionally go out of my way to make sick days with him at home no fun so he doesn’t see getting sick as a way out of doing things he doesn’t want to do. Like go to school.

So anyway, he was up last night throwing up with a 102.1 fever. He wanted a bowl by his bed in case he couldn’t make it into the bathroom and he wanted medicine. He also a cold washcloth for his head.

(Seriously, if there is ever a gender reversed staging of A Streetcar Named Desire, Spenser is a lock for Blanche)

It didn’t help that our dog was howling at the thunder and random slamming doors all night. That was fixed easily enough with an old n-bark collar we had lying around. The batteries don’t work, but just putting it on him quieted him down. So essentially no sleep last night for mommy and daddy.

Has anyone out there experienced this with their kids? Is it a psychological thing we need to be worried about? He has a fever most of the time when he’s sick so I know he’s not faking, though he does tend to drag it out long past when we know he’s better. At least Holly is tough. She could eat rocks and salmonella-laced mold and get stronger. She’s like her mommy in that way.